Our broader team

We don't have all the answers, and in today's networked world it is easy to find those who do. Over the past 10 years we have developed close working relationships with a number of independent experts with whom we collaborate seamlessly. These great people include:


Angela Tu-Weissenberger 

Angela is a passionate economist (they exist) and the best hunter of secondary research we have met. She has been an invaluable partner on our future customer studies and any time we need an economic perspective on the challenge we are trying to solve.


Chiara Danili

Chiara is a Milan-trained researcher who has brought some very interesting insights to a number of our projects using the discipline of semiotic research. Semiotic research studies the meaning of language and can be a very useful frame of analysis to understand how a product or service has been marketed and where it should go next.


Sandra Johnston

Sandra is a senior research moderator who attributes her success to her genuine interest in why people think what they think. Sandra also posses the rare talent of recognizing insight, which is what makes her such a valued partner.


Sharon Bell

An extraordinary teacher and marketer who, after a successful career at Proctor and Gamble and ATB Financial, now teaches advertising and marketing at the University of Alberta, Grant McEwan University and the Institute of Canadian Advertising. If that is not enough, Sharon runs her own marketing consulting practice.

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