Inspiring Education

In the 21st century, students will need to graduate with new skills. They will need to know how to learn, think critically, identify and solve problems, manage information, apply multiple literacies and demonstrate global and cultural understanding.

This is no small challenge and we helped spark the debate.

Inspiring Education was one of the most significant consultations the Government of Alberta has launched. Thousands of Albertans participated in a process modeled on our proprietary Dialogic Research.

Already one of the highest performing school systems in the world, the goal of the process was the transformation of kindergarten to grade 12 education in Alberta. The new strategic direction, Inspiring Action, continues to drive education reform in Alberta.

As a co-facilitator of the Steering Committee and strategic analyst, we were able to deeply understand the different perspectives and make sense of the issues and opportunities.

We are very proud of our contribution to this extremely important initiative.

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