Dialogic Research: Our Approach

Stormy Lake Consulting is a pioneer in the development of Dialogic Research.

Dialogic Research is a synthesis of three disciplines: qualitative research, public consultation and facilitation. It is a process of genuine interaction through which we listen to each other deeply enough to be changed by what we learn.

Traditional qualitative research, even when well executed, requires an expert moderator who can draw out participants, and deeply analyze the content of the conversations to develop the key insights. This narrow ownership of the insights can be problematic as one has to constantly “sell the research” to others on the project team.

Dialogic Research is an open-system. By bringing the strategists and all of the relevant members of the client teams into the dialogues themselves, they develop deep, intuitive and unmatchable insights into the strategy. They see the insights being created in front of them. They can feel the pulse of the issue, and they can understand their own perspectives, and bridge the gap to other’s perspectives.

Not every project is suited to Dialogic Research, but it is ideally suited for projects that

  • Are complex or multi-faceted,
  • Have a number of key stakeholders with very distinct points-of-view,
  • Are deeply exploring new areas of knowledge,
  • Focused on new products, services or brands, or
  • Require deep and meaningful engagement of internal and external stakeholders.

The case studies on this page show some very successful examples of Dialogic Research in action.

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