Refreshing Parksville Qualicum Beach

What's better than doing your job with an ice cream in your hand? And that's exactly what we were able to do on this fantastic project for the Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism Association, the destination marketing association of a unique area on the east coast of Vancouver Island, BC.

The region, that stretches between Nanoose Bay and Deep Bay, has many Canadian natural icons such as Rathtrevor Beach, Cathedral Grove, and Coombs. It also has a rich tradition in being the archetypal holiday destination for any visitor to Canada. We were contracted to help with all areas of the region's reputation, positioning, branding and marketing. 

We took the time to fully understand the visitors to the region, interviewing literally hundreds of them during both peak and off peak periods. We looked at the functional elements of their visit - where they are staying, why they chose the region, their expectations, and their EQ segmentation profiles. We also looked at the emotional elements of their visit - the memories being created, and the feelings of experiencing the region - and it was here that were able to pinpoint the unique elements that could make the brand relevant, enticing and exciting for future visitors and locals alike.

Even for visitors that had never stepped foot on Vancouver Island before, we found that they all immediately feel a strong bond to the place, a certain familiarity and an appreciation of the values of the region. This could be described as nostalgia. Not mothball covered, stuffy nostalgia, but positive memories of "the best holidays that you had when you were a child". Sandcastles on the endless and gentle beach, ice cream at the local markets, and walks in the timeless forests.

Through our research and analysis we were able to clearly see that region allows visitors to connect with 4 key areas in their life: with nature, with their families, with the local culture, and, oh so importantly, with themselves and their past.

It was from this source that we developed a brand model, a creative platform, and workshop that helped the brand be accepted and be welcomed by the community that will be living it for years to come.

If you want to see how our work has been received by the local community, we encourage you to check out this short article from the local newspaper

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